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Incontinence Device

incontinence 이미지
High performance exercise device for training
pelvic floor muscles.

With ALVA, 5 minutes workout a day is enough!
Sunmedix with VibraSense has developed ALVA
(A product dedicated to strengehen pelvic floor muscles in treating women suffering from stress incontinence.)

* Alva is a personal exercise device that guides you thorough efficient pelvic muscle training.
* As you contract your pelvic floor, the Alva probe will start vibrating.
* This vibration produces a higher activity in the neuromuscular system, thus recruiting more muscles to take part in each contraction.
* This makes every contraction more efficient than in traditional pelvic floor training.
* The medical silicone probe detects your contraction force as your muscle flex, and displays the applied force for all women.

FEATURESThe latest solution for Stress urinal incontinence

Initially vibration in training was explored in astronauts, as an effort to decrease the loss of muscle and bone mass in space. Later vibration in Training has been popular for many top-level athletes and several research programs have documented the effects on muscle strength i.e.founders of VibraSense.

incontinence 이미지
  • Vibration triggers a stretch reflex in the muscles causing the muscle to automatically contract.
  • The contraction is more powerful than with normal muscle contractions.
  • The vibration stimulates the neuro muscular system to recruit muscle fibers to greater activity. Surveys show that 95-100% of muscle fibers are being recruited, compared to only 40-80% in traditional strength training.
*ALVA is developed in close co-operation with medical and technical expertise. The result is a highly effective and easy-to-use device.

Basic program P1 for beginners with no or little strength is their PFM.P1 helps to localize and build up the ability for contraction. Advanced program P2 for those who are able to contract their PFM.P2 is based on the idea that the vibration exercise should last for as long as you are able to generate a predefined force level.

When training at high intensities it is important for the muscles to get sufficient restitution, as it is in the resting phase that the muscularity produces new enzymes and proteins which is a presumption for increased strength.


RefNo. NAME Description Carton Q'ty
0407FS Full Set Controller + Vaginal Probe 20 units
0407VP Vaginal Probe Vaginal Probe only 50 units
1002UP Uni Probe Uni Probe only 50 units