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pacifier 이미지
pacifier 이미지
ORTODENT Soother Holder

Ortodent Baby Soother Conventional Soother

ORTODENT ㅣ background
Based on Professor Dr.odont Bjorn Ogaard’s studies concerning the link between use of conventional soothers and the development of posterior cross-bite, ORTODENT AS was established in 2005.

In 2006 ORTODENT introduced it’s first product to the Norwegian market, the ORTODENT soother. The soother is a new concept developed to prevent the adverse effects on occlusion during sucking.

ORTODENT ㅣ how it works
Conventional comforters force the tongue towards the floor of the mouth. As the tongue is lowered and the cheeks contract during sucking, the pressure balance against the upper teeth is altered.

The upper dental arch is contracted and at the same time the low position of the tongue expands the lower dental arch. Aposterior forced cross-bite is then often induced. (Ogaard et al. 1994)

ORTODENT ㅣ the science
During the last decades the prevalence of dummy-sucking has increased tremendously in the Western industrialised countries. In a recent study the prevalence of posterior cross-bite among girls using a comforter was as high as 25% (Ogaard and Larsson 1994; Larsson et al. 1992).

Posterior cross-bite with a forced bite represents a serious malocclusion with a high objective need for orthodontic treatment. Anterior open-bite is also a frequent adverse effect of pacifier use. The ORTODENT soother is based on a totally new concept to prevent the development of adverse effects on the occlusion during sucking. The construction of the ORTODENT soother prevents the tongue from being forced down during sucking and thus the likelihood of developing a posterior cross-bite. Several other aspects of the ORTODENT soother will also improve the function of the circumoral muscles and oral function.

ORTODENT ㅣ products
Today ORTODENT’s product portfolio has grown to count a number of oral care products. In this product catalogue we will introduce all of our product-take a look and get to know us.


pacifier 이미지 Soother ORTODENT GEMINI

Gemini is the new member of the Ortodent family. The Gemini teat is slightly different from the Virgo teat, softer and offering a larger sucking area.

– mini 0~6 months
– midi 6~36 months
The new package can also be used as a safe container when the soothers are not in use.

pacifier 이미지 Soother Holder

Ortodent soother holder secures your soother so it doesn’t fall to the ground if the baby drops it. The soother holder is specially designed for Ortodent soothers, but works well with most comforters on the market. Ortodent soother holder comes in four colour combinations.