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Sunmedix Product

skin stapler 이미지
Skin Stapler
Acos skin stapler is used for skin
closing in the operating room and
emergency room. With this device ..
Laparoscopic Devices 이미지
Laparoscopic Devices
VOLARGRIP are highly functional and
user-friendly disposable instruments
for laparoscopic surgery.
Specimen Retrieval Bag 이미지
Specimen Retrieval Bag
For the specimen retrieval, it is a
simple, easy and efficient solution.
Incontinence Device 이미지
Incontinence Device
High klperformance exercise decice
for training pelvic floor muscles
Disposable Suction and Irrigation
The 3m long suction and irrigation tube consists of two co-joined tubes.
Pacifier 이미지
Based on Professor Dr.odont Bjorn
Ogaard’s studies concerning the link
between use of conventional ...