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Specimen Retrival Bag

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For the specimen retrieval, it is a simple, easy and efficient solution. Specimen Retrieval Bag : Simple and Easy operation.

Sunmedix Specimen Bag is designed to reduce the number of laparascopic holes, and allows the user to remove tissue and debris from the abdominal cavity, safety and easily.

One-Pouch disposable specimen retrieval system, is intended for use in laparoscopic surgereis, by qualified physicians, where removal of tissue or debris from the abdominal cavity is desired.


It consists of a bag, cable and handle. The bag is inserted to the abdominal cavity through the trocar in use, while the handle stays on the outside. The user will navigate the specimen bag using a laparascopic grasper. It is optimized for one port system and gynaecology operation.

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While holding the Cover Pipe with a hand, carefully grasp the center of the Specimen bag rim together with Cable using non-traumatic laparoscopic grasper.

Insert the Specimen bag through the desired 10mm, 11mm or 12mm trocar cannula.

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specimen 이미지

Once the bag is inserted to the abdominal cavity, release the bag and remove the laparoscopic grasper.

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Place the desired specimen in the bag and pull out the handle placed at outside while securing the bag with grasper to tie it.

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Remove the trocar cannula backward.
Pull out the handle until the mouth of the bag can be visualized through the incision site.

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Upon completion of laparoscopic procedure, dispose this bag in accordance with local regulation. Refer to the above illustration.


Ref No. Description Carton Q'ty Remark
OP 350 One puch 350cc 100ea  
OP 500 One puch 500cc 100ea  
OP 700 One puch 700cc 100ea