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one pouch™

For the specimen retrieval, it provides a simple, easy and efficient solution.
One-pouch is designed to reduce the number of laparoscopic holes and allows the user to remove tissue and debris from the abdominal cavity safely and easily.


  • It consists of a bag, cable and handle.
  • The bag is inserted to the abdominal cavity through the trocar in use, while the handle stays outside.
  • The user will navigate the specimen bag using a laparoscopic grasper.
  • It is optimized for single-port system and gynecologic surgery.

Ergonomics and use FOR THE one-Pouch™,

  • 1 While holding the cover pipe with a hand, carefully grasp the center of the specimen bag rim together with the cable using non-traumatic laparoscopic grasper. Insert the specimen bag through 10mm, 11mm or 12mm trocar cannula.

  • 2 Once the bag is inserted to the abdominal cavity, release the bag and remove the laparoscopic graspere.

  • 3 Place the extracted specimen inside the bag and pull out the handle outside using a grasper to tie the bag.

  • 4 Remove the trocar cannula backward. Pull out the handle until the mouth of the bag can be visualized through the incision site.

  • 5 Upon completion of the laparoscopic procedure, dispose this bag in accordance with the local regulation. Refer to the above illustration.


Ref No. Description Q'ty/Carton
OP 350 One-pouch 100 EA
OP 500 One-pouch 100 EA
OP 700 One-pouch 100 EA